4th International Caparica Conference on Chromogenic and Emissive Materials 2020

16th – 19th November 2020 | Caparica | Portugal (Online)

Travel Information

In January, ANA – Aeroportos de Portugal, will start working on the creation of two rapid exit taxiways at Lisbon Airport to improve operational efficiency, optimizing aircraft circulation and reducing taxiing time and therefore CO2 emissions.

This intervention, which will only occur at nighttime, implies closing the runway between 11:30 pm and 5:30 am, from January 6th until the end of June. So no airplanes taking off or landing between 11:30 pm and 5:30 am.

ANA had previously informed airlines about these works, following the international timeframe defined for airport slots allocation process.

For more information please refer to the website https://www.ana.pt/en/corporate/press/2019/11/29/new-rapid-exit-taxiways-improve-operational-efficency-at-lisbon-airport

TAP Air Portugal has agreed to offer a
discount to the participants of the IC3EM2020 who make their booking and
buy their tickets exclusively throught TAP Air Portugal´s website. 10%
discount Economy Class ; 15% discount Business Class. When Booking use
the code to benefit from the discount.

Booking Code: IT20TPTPCG08

How to reach the Hotel ALDEIA DOS CAPUCHOS GOLF & SPA?

From any place in Lisbon to Congress Venue (Hotel ALDEIA DOS CAPUCHOS GOLF & SPA) a taxi must be taken to the following address: “Largo Aldeia dos Capuchos 2825-017 Caparica – Portugal”

  • Estimated price (no traffic jam): €25-€30
  • Avoid the following hours to travel from Lisbon to Caparica (most likely traffic jam): 18-21h
  • Avoid the following hours to travel from Caparica to Lisbon (most likely traffic jam): 07-09:30h
  • Always ask for a ticket to the taxi driver.

RECOMMENDED way to take a TAXI at the LISBON Airport

Resultado de imagem para bolt taxi

1.- Before arrive to the airport Download the Application BOLT (https://bolt.eu/to your smart phone

2.- Call the Car from Airport Departures Zone.

Special numbers:

  • Lisbon Police: +351 21 765 4242
  • GNR Costa de Caparica: +351 212 909 340
  • Cacilhas Firemen: +351 212 900 030
  • Lisbon airport: +351 21 8413500, aeroporto.lisboa@ana.pt